In this post, I’ll review and talk about the best influencer marketing agency and the top 15 Instagram platforms that you can consider for growing your brand. From their analysis of more than 800,000 Instagram users with at least 1,000 followers, Markerly recommends working with influencers in the 10,000 to 100,000 follower range. They believe those influencers offer the best combination of engagement and broad reach, with like and comment rates that exceed influencers with higher followers.

A full-scale marketing agency can run a very exciting campaign for you. Not only do they source the influencers for you, and maintain the influencer relationship, but they use all their creative skills to make a big splash. For example, they might organize some really wacky events, arrange for the influencers to participate, and then the influencers succeed in getting their posts to spread like wildfire through social media. That is brilliant if you can afford it, and you think the return on investment is worth it.

Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that after its 2015 RoadTrip to Southeast Asia, Contiki saw a 175 percent increase in owned YouTube audience and a 25 percent increase in traffic to its Asian trip packages online. Anecdotally, when Contiki’s Canadian sales managers visited various campuses across the country, they heard from at least one person each day who mentioned they had first learned about the travel brand through their favorite YouTuber. The campaign helped Contiki win the Skifties award for Best Travel Brand on YouTube and the British Youth Travel Award for Best Use of Social Media.

On the premise that about 8% of your customers are influencers, Tribe Dynamics utilizes internal customer purchase data, as well as proprietary social influence data to help fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands to identify influential brand advocates and build out strategies to maintain relationships with influential customers. A big hit with beauty brands like Bobbi Brown and L’Oreal, Co-founder Conor Begley is quoted below.

HireInfluence has recognized the benefits of influencer marketing since 2011. They utilize a team of influencers across 12 countries and seven industry verticals, to spread their clients’ messages. They disseminate content across nearly every social media channel – targeting the best channel for any particular brand.

When a brand approaches them, they determine their clients needs and goals, before developing an appropriate campaign for them, selecting a compatible combination of influencers who share suitable relevant images. They believe the selection of influencers to be crucial to a campaign’s success.

Created in 2008 by Yuli Ziv, entrepreneur and online media expert, Style Coalition helps independent online publishers monetize their influence and reach. In January, PR Couture covered the launch of SCX , Style Coalition’s influencer marketing platform. Through SCX the company work with a range of luxury brands on hundreds of influencer-driven campaigns ranging from branded video series to photo shoots, events and interactive rich media ads. Yuli Ziv shared the following information about the platform and her thoughts on influence.

“When it comes to performance and influencer marketing, metrics such as a high engagement rate and reach, a good CPE cost per engagement, plus a smart integration of trackable links – Instagram stories, YouTube videos, etc. – should be taken into account when setting up a strong and successful campaign that can generate revenue,” she commented.

One of their clients is Blue Apron. They created a year-long campaign, using top social media influencers, to showcase Blue Apron’s food subscription service. Food can be mouthwateringly visual, and therefore Instagram is the perfect channel for a food-based social media campaign. Matt Salzberg, CEO of Blue Apron explains, Customers hear about us from other customers or from social media. One of their friends who cooked a Blue Apron meal shares it on Facebook or Instagram because they are really proud of what they’ve created. Then others go to our website and sign up”.

Influenster is an online platform primarily focused on partnering with influencers and content creators in the product review” space. Influenster features a dedicated online community of over 3 million product reviewers, and partners with businesses to create product reviews and custom content that will boost engagement and drive sales.

Thus, as founders, they sought a better way to get exposure for the products that take creators countless hours to make. Meanwhile, their blogger friends were creating amazing content but found it hard to find opportunities and build relationships with brands.

There are two main models as to how the influencer sourcing tools works. In the first type, you, as the brand, pay a fee and then post your brief on the website. In other words, you write up a description of what the product is and what you want the influencers to do. The influencers then bid on the project.

Influencer marketing is an amazing way to drive results for clients, as more and more companies are realizing the importance of leveraging individuals with direct experience in their marketing campaigns. However, this doesn’t mean that clients will start drooling as soon as they hear you’re interested in working with them.

Vazoola is a platform connecting companies and brands with thousand of key online influencers. Their vetted content creators write articles, make videos, share on social media, and run promotions, and use that influence to promote our advertisers. Vazoola also provides extensive metric and data analysis to create high-efficiency campaigns.

Meanwhile, Jessy Grossman, talent agent for Don Buchwald & Associates, said the talent agency updated its partnership contracts around two months ago — many brands initiate deals with their own media contracts as well — to include a clause restricting edits once a piece of content is created, and the contracts require briefs from brands or agencies.