How successful could a business be by making it easier for customers to find them on search engines? We see a significant increase every day from customers finding us through various keywords and results. Our experience of trial & error has to lead us to find solutions for any industry through internet marketing.

You know what works for your business

Our goal is not to preach to clients on what they need to do to succeed, but instead to develop a strategy that works for the internet from that expertise. By listening to our clients, we can build a marketing plan that will not only be successful but involves the client in 100% of the project. Building a diverse marketing strategy helps bring in all types of new customers and reinforce the brand of the business.

SEO is so much more than just “search engine optimization,” it can be used for reputation management as well. When customers are ready to buy a product or shop at a location, they do extensive research on the brand. Using SEO to bring good quality information to the first three pages of Google will help deliver a positive message about the brand.

Our SEO / SEM Process to build leads

Research – Find a list of keywords that have enough volume traffic using Google and other keyword trackers

Analyze – Determine the current status & ranking of a website

Study Competition – Examine all competitors in the top 3 pages of Google and see what brings them traffic

Develop a Strategy – Using the information gathered to build a comprehensive plan

Conversion Tracking – Add analytics to website and create goals to see what customers do on the website

Launch – Initiate stages of strategy

Analyze, Test, & Adjust – Get the most out of website traffic by making adjustments every 14 – 30 days